How much does it cost to rent a dumpster in Florida

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster in Florida?

Dumpster rental prices in Florida largely depend on the dumpster size, dump cost, and rental duration. If you need specialized disposal services for hazardous materials, this can also add to the cost of a rental.

How much is a 20-yard roll-off?

  • $575 for 10 days includes up to 4 tons /$75 per ton over that
  • $875 monthly with a $300/dump 4-ton max $75/ton over that
  • $399 for 2 days includes up to 4 tons $75/ton over that

Now you might be wondering, how much weight can you put in a 20-yard dumpster? It is possible to exceed the 4-ton limit but is unlikely unless you dispose of low-volume materials with a high weight. Four tons is usually more than enough for construction debris, yard waste, household waste, and bulky furniture.

The main thing to consider for cost is the duration of your rental. Ultimately, using a dumpster rental will cost less than using a waste disposal service, even if you use a pick-up truck. Without a nearby dumpster, frequent trips to your local dump can also cause delays in your project. Be sure to consider this when balancing the cost of your rental with the needs of your project.

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