Household & Office Junk Removal

Household and Office Junk Removal – We encounter clients that have had a relative who has passed away and the relative’s home is filled with items. We can make sense of it by sorting out recyclables, donations, and landfill items and hauling everything off. We are used to dealing with clients that have had some sort of tragedy happen. Clients can also benefit if trying to sell their home/commercial building and don’t want or have the room to take everything with them. They leave the items they don’t want to take with them and we can pick it up.

City ordered clean-ups require homeowners that receive a notification in the mail to have their property cleaned up by a certain deadline.

We remain ready for emergency situations like these. Clients also can benefit if they have a garage that needs to be cleaned out to make room for cars. If customers have bought new furniture and need the old furniture removed we can haul these away for them and donate or dispose of them properly.