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We are located in Bonifay, FL and provide immediate 24/7 emergency and non-emergency assistance for mold treatment, removal and remediation services.

Mold, Water & Fire damage victims due to recent flooding and the hurricanes In The Florida Panhandle – Call us at 850-866-5824 – We can help you. We’re fast, honest and affordable.

What’s the definition of mold remediation?

It means we remove mold, clean up the area, sanitize the area, haul junk or decaying structures and items away and rebuild any structures such as flooring, ceilings, basements or bathrooms that have had extensive damage and risk due to mold.

What does the average mold remediation service cost?

It greatly depends on the area being treated, sometimes what looks like a small job, once uncovered and inspected, turns out to be a larger job and sometimes what seems like a big job ends up being a simple treatment. We do free inspections and honest estimates with no surprises.  Generally, it can be anywhere from $400 to $6000.

How long does mold remediation take?

From 24 hours and up to 4 days for larger jobs.

Do I have to leave my home during the mold treatment process?

No. You don’t have to leave home, it is safe to stay at home and continue your everyday normal life while the process takes place.

How Can You Tell That The Mold Is Dangerous?

  • You are wheezing when you breathe
  • You have red eyes or an itchy or sore throat for no apparent reason
  • Mold smells funky, like an old must
  • You’ve been coughing a lot for an unknown reason
  • You have developed a rash that is itchy and you don’t know where it came from
  • Hard time concentrating or focusing and don’t know why
  • Mold can make you feel tired and lethargic or lazy

There are many people who suffer from the effects of mold and don’t know it all over the USA.

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We are family oriented and a private Panhandle local mold remediation company. We treat each and every situation as though it were our own home, office or ranch.

Residents and business owners have trusted HDC Homes for years to quickly remove mold and restore any damage back to new.  We are fast, affordable and friendly. Give us a call for a free mold inspection and estimate.