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We provide 20 Yard Roll Off Dumpsters to Jacob City, FL, and all the cities in the Florida Panhandle area.

No surprise hidden costs and a low-cost flat rate with free delivery.

Our dumpsters are good for any debris or waste you don’t want such as…

    • Real Estate Trash Out
    • Demolition
    • Eco-Friendly Yard Waste Disposal
    • Appliances Removal
    • Scrap Recycling
    • Construction Waste

10 Days – 4 Tons – Free Dumpster Delivery To Jacob City, FL – 850-676-1624

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We have one of the best roll-off dumpster rental services in all of the Panhandle.

Whether you are moving, renovating, or want to clean and organize your space, we provide a fast and efficient dumpster rental service in Jacob City, FL.

About Humpty Dump Roll Off Trash Containers

We are a family-owned and operated company, committed to providing the outstanding dumpster rental service for Jacob City, FL possible.

We have 20+ dumpsters available for every corner of the Florida Panhandle along with free delivery to Jacob City, a flat rate fee, and no hidden charges.

About Jacob City, FL

Jacob City is located in Jackson County, Florida that counts a small population of 250, according to the 2010 census.

Jacob City’s history goes back as far as the early 19th century when many former slaves moved from Webbville to isolate themselves from harassment from the white people there. Webbville no longer exists but was located around the current location of U.S. 231 and State Road 73.

The first known settlement of Jacob City was by a white man named Jacob Jones, who accepted Black people to be housed on his property. That is where Jacob City got its name, as they would tell their friends, “Let’s go to Jacob’s.” By the mid-19th century, the small town of Jacob was Jackson County’s first Black community.  By the early 20th century, Jacob’s dirt roads were improved and its population rose, but the poverty level was high due to the lack of education, as there was no school for Black children.